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Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the 2021 French Open was a public relations disaster for the Grand Slam organisers.

Their initial message was that mental health deserves their utmost attention but they still want their rules and regulations to be followed. They warned Osaka that her decision and future refusal to attend her press conferences may lead to suspension from grand slam tournaments.

She was willing to pay a penalty for not attending her press conference. Her state of mind and mental health was more important.

Then she decided to withdraw from the tournament altogether.

The grand slam organisers said that…

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A line from Billie Eilish’s song, “Everything I wanted” ~ “If I could change the way that you see yourself” caught my attention. Billie could be the greatest therapist-songwriter of this century! Sadness and depression are not easy to talk about.

It made me think and ask, “How do I see myself?”

That is a DEEP question. Check the results in your life. If you don’t like what you see, you may need to check inside.

So I made a list. What would your list look like? Don’t worry, it gets better soon. This is my Sad List. …

There’s an apartment building crisis in Australia.

Residents of some apartment buildings in Australia are still unable to return to their homes after structural defects were found. They are waiting for repairs to be made before they could move back. Some vowed never to return, spooked by safety concerns. The value of their apartments have plummeted. Who would want to buy and live in such an apartment?

A number of Australian apartment buildings have been in the news this year. And not for a good reason.The building industry is in crisis.

A Fourth abandoned tower is ` one of many…

Having a Coffee with Dad on Father’s Day 2019 in Australia

In Australia, Father’s Day falls on the 1st Sunday of September.

How to remember Dad when he’s no longer with us…

This is the first Father’s Day without Dad for myself and my family this year. For those of you who still have your fathers with you, please cherish this Father’s Day with them.

My Dad died a week before Christmas last year. It was very sudden. While in the garden about 6 pm that day, he fell down and hurt himself. Not badly but when you’re in your eighties, any fall could be trouble.

He was still fit for…

President Trump banned Huawei & ZTE phones from government use in America

Why Holding Huawei Executive To Ransom Could Go Very Wrong for Trump. With Increasing Evidence to Support His Impeachment.

Huawei CFO’s Meng Wanzhou was detained by Canadian authorities at Vancouver airport while changing planes in transit from Hong Kong to Mexico on Saturday December 1, 2018. Canada did it at the request of the US who allege that Huawei had used a Hong Kong shell company to sell equipment to Iran which violated US sanctions.

The US also claim that Meng and Huawei misled American banks about their dealings in Iran. …

Chinese model clumsily eating Italian Pizza with Chopsticks — D&G 2018 China Ad

A lesson of when “creative” marketing ads overstep their mark. Combined with another big problem (see the end), this is a really big blunder for D&G.

D&G is estimated to lose USD500 million from this fallout.

The fallout from Dolce & Gabbana’s video ads promoting its fashion show in China over the weekend has been swift, harsh and powerful. Watch the ad below and tell me what you think. Was it culturally insensitive? The model, wearing a D&G dress, is clumsily eating Italian pizza with chopsticks. Another ad showed the model eating spaghetti with chopsticks. Is this the kind of…

Dior’s ADDICT luxury lipsticks are popular in China!

Why Are Luxury Fashion Brands Capturing China’s Makeup Market?

The popularity of fashion brands’ cosmetics lines in China skyrocketed in 2017 as Chinese female consumers increased spending on luxury beauty products.

China’s Beauty KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) have a lot of power with their fans. One post from them could send their fans into a buying frenzy to get “must-have” beauty items. Their power on China’s social media platforms are important for the luxury brand. That’s why China’s top KOLs can get paid USD150,000 for just ONE post to promote a brand/product.

So what do they like? Tom Ford’s fabulous…

Ghost in the Invisible Bikini — Weird movie title!

Margot Robbie’s next movie in the #HarleyQuinn series was announced on Instagram with a peep of the script. Supposedly confidential but coyly presented to created curiosity for the movie with a weird title. It worked!

Are you sitting down?

“Birds of Prey” (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).

It has over 1.22 million likes so far (at the time of writing). It appears that her fans doesn’t care WHAT the movie is called. Fans loved her in #suicidesquad and can’t wait to see what happens with her abusive BF “Joker.”

That got me curious about other weird movie…

A sign in my kitchen. I look at it every day!

“Do what you love every day.” Sounds simple doesn’t it, but that’s the truth.

Simple is not necessarily easy. Some people have found it already. Others are still looking for that ONE thing that they can do. Every day.

We tend to muck things up and make it more complicated than it should be.

What does it mean to “do” what you “love”?

When you love something, it’s not a chore. No one has to nag you to do it.

You’ll get up in the morning, motivated internally to “do” more of what you did the day before. Tomorrow —…

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