Australia: How Safe Are Your Apartment Buildings?

Ivonne Teoh
6 min readSep 4, 2019


There’s an apartment building crisis in Australia.

Residents of some apartment buildings in Australia are still unable to return to their homes after structural defects were found. They are waiting for repairs to be made before they could move back. Some vowed never to return, spooked by safety concerns. The value of their apartments have plummeted. Who would want to buy and live in such an apartment?

A number of Australian apartment buildings have been in the news this year. And not for a good reason.The building industry is in crisis.

A Fourth abandoned tower is ` one of many more to come'screamed this headline!

Melbourne’s Tallest Tower Rocked By Defects claims of loud cracking sounds and windows which are jammed shut and would no longer open.

When the Victorian Building Authority visited the site of the 319 metre Australia 108 building and asked to see the building plans, it was not a good sign. This 100 floor tower with more than 1,000 apartments is still under construction. There are some people already living in it from earlier phases.

The builder denied that there was any structural problems with the building.

“There is absolutely no risk to current residents. Some minor defects may occur from time to time after the handover of apartments.”

The VBA’s interest in the building was highly unusual and suggested that the defects are serious said Phil Dwyer, president of the Builders Collective of Australia.

`Minor’ was exactly what the developers of Sydney Olympic Park’s Opal Tower said about its defects before problems with the building’s structure were found, causing residents to evacuate in haste.

Australian Apartment Buildings with Defects So Far …

  1. Sydney: Olympic Park’s Opal Tower 36 storey with “defects” evacuated on Christmas eve, 2018
  2. Sydney: Mascot Towers 7 storey with “defects” evacuated on June 14, 2019
  3. Sydney: Zetland’s Garland Lofts, 30 lofts with water damage $1.2m apartments are unsaleable after the building was abandoned 8 months after secret evacuation of the loft over severe water & fire safety defects.



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