Legalisation of Cannabis is a Process. Not an Event.

Canada’s Legalisation of Cannabis could help Australia. Prohibition puts $4.5 Billion into Organised Crime’s coffers per year.

I was reading some news about cannabis today.

Canada legalised cannabis on October 17, 2018 after a 95 year prohibition. Stores around Canada reported insufficient stock to meet the huge demand.

Prohibition of Cannabis in the US.

A Public Health Model, not Criminal Model or Commercial Model

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fulfilled his 2015 election promise.

“We’re not legalising cannabis because we think it’s good for our health, we’re doing it because we know it’s not good for our children.

We know we need to do a better job to protect our children and to eliminate or massively reduce the profits that go to organised crime.”

Canada’s legalisation of cannabis could take as much as 50% of the black market away from criminals and organised crime within its first year. Fully shutting down the black market could take at least four years.

For 95 years, organised crime completely controlled the cannabis black market in Canada, 100% of its production and distribution. Their profits ran in the billions of dollars every year.

Canada’s Public Health Model could Work in Australia

Cannabis is the most widely used drug in Australia, with 12% of people using it in the previous year. Medical cannabis has been legalised but is not readily available. There are still many hurdles to overcome.

The cannabis black market in Australia is worth at least AUD4.5 billion a year. Should recreational cannabis use be decriminalised, the combined market of recreational and medical cannabis would be worth over AUD5.5 Billion a year.

Medical cannabis is still not easily available, even when patients apply for it through their GPs. There are not enough doctors who are allowed to prescribe it and the application process is not easy.

Tens of thousands of applications were made and only just over 1,000 were approved. Usually for those suffering from chronic pain and/or terminal illnesses.

An estimated 330,000 people could be using medical cannabis by 2050. The cost of medical cannabis now is still some 25% more expensive than black market prices, which doesn’t help.

More people in Australia are #cannabispositive meaning they are progressive in their views about the use of #medicalcannabis. After all, when someone is suffering from chronic pain or terminal illness, why deny it to them when nothing else has worked?

According to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey, 84 per cent of Australians are in favour of legislation allowing the use of medicinal cannabis.

In desperation, people were using “home-grown” varieties of cannabis. Up to 100,000 people in Australia are juicing it for medical purposes illegally.

Stephen Taylor, narrowly escaped prison for juicing cannabis to treat his two daughters who suffer from Crohn’s disease. He began to grow and juice his own cannabis when he found it difficult to get medical cannabis legally. Only Morgan got approved to use medical cannabis. Ariel missed out. He’s considering sending Morgan to the US to get treatment if she doesn’t get better.

There’s nothing worse than for a father to see his children in pain and helpless to do anything to help.

9 in 10 cases of arrests by police are for cannabis drug use or possession, by users who are victims of the system. When recreational cannabis is decriminalised, the police could focus their efforts on catching organised crime dealers.

Legalisation of recreational cannabis could help to regulate the production, and make it safer. The benefits outweigh the perceived dangers. There are now thousands of documented evidence, scientific studies and patients’ testimonials for medical cannabis.

Australia’s current Prime Minister Scott Morrison was against the legalisation of recreational cannabis. Perhaps Tony Abbott would be more agreeable, should he become PM again? We seem to have “musical chairs” in parliament, with a change in government happening frequently.

In the state of Victoria, “Reason Party” has a plan to legalise cannabis within two years if they are elected. That could be a big incentive for voters, especially the younger ones, under 40.

The plan would boost the state’s coffers by $204 million, according to Victoria’s Parliamentary Budget Office, by reducing the costs of policing and sparking new revenue through sales.

Victoria was the first state in Australia to legalise medical cannabis. Who knows? They could succeed with their plan to legalise (recreational) cannabis.

10 Medicinal Facts of Cannabis. Killing Cancer Cells is one of them.

Do you know anyone who suffers from chronic pain and may be using medical cannabis? Perhaps it’s yourself.

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