China’s Sesame Social Credit Score — Between 350 and 950.

George Orwell’s 1984, Black Mirror: China’s Social Credit System Judges People as Good/Bad. Bad People Shamed on Digital Blacklist

Credit scores are not new. In countries like America, UK, Europe & Australia, companies use them to decide whether to lend people money or not.

China is World leader in AI, facial recognition

How China’s Social Credit System Works:

Rewards You for Good Behaviour

  1. Helping an elderly person to cross the road or carry their groceries
  2. Not cheating in exams or not getting “help” with your assignments
  3. Having “good” people as your friends
  4. Doing a good job at work, pleasing your bosses
  5. Not saying anything bad about the government
  6. Not getting involved with activist groups
  7. Reporting bad or suspicious activities
  8. Obeying all party commands
  1. Speeding or breaking traffic laws
  2. Forgetting to pay fines or paying late
  3. Losing a court case even though you’re innocent
  4. Cheating at exams and paying someone to do your assignments
  5. Leaving your fiance at the altar
  6. Playing video games for too long
  7. Walking dogs without a lease in public
  8. Bad behaviour on the bus, train or plane
  9. Bad driving, not giving way, speeding
  10. Playing music loudly in public
  11. Your customers & suppliers complain about you
  12. Your boss, manager or colleagues complain about you
  13. Not attending school or skipping classes
  14. Writing graffiti on the walls of toilets and buildings
  15. Criticising party leaders
  16. Neighbours who don’t like your face, think you’re a criminal and plaster photos of your face on the walls?
  17. Neighbours complain about your cat (or dog) whining at night
  18. Corruption or fraud
  19. Bribing or attempting to bribe a government official

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