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Do What You Love Every Day! Secret to #success tip!

“Do what you love every day.” Sounds simple doesn’t it, but that’s the truth.

Simple is not necessarily easy. Some people have found it already. Others are still looking for that ONE thing that they can do. Every day.

We tend to muck things up and make it more complicated than it should be.

What does it mean to “do” what you “love”?

You’ll get up in the morning, motivated internally to “do” more of what you did the day before. Tomorrow — hopefully, you will do the same and the next day and the day after. Unless you go on holiday. You may have a break then.

Unless you put systems in place which work while you sleep. They work 24/7 whether you’re at home, in the office, or on a cruise ship.

How Do You Find Out What You Love?

  1. Watch what you do every day. Use a note pad to record your activities over a week. Categorise them into things that you do for fun, things that you do as a necessity (cook, wash, shower, take out the trash), things that you do for work.
  2. Watch what you say but don’t do every day (or most days). Be aware of what you say to others, “My health is important to me” but you eat junk food. If it was important to you or became a health risk, would you change your habits? Do you need a nutritional expert to help you? Your daily habits can make or break you.
  3. It’s something that you would do for FREE. You know there are things that you would happily do even if you’re not paid for it. Right? Like making cookies for your kids. Decorating Christmas presents, making hand-made gifts, looking after your roses or garden, looking after your kids or aged parents.
Christmas display in a Sydney store, Nov 2018.


  1. “Love Shopping” turned into “Personal Shopper” Business

I happen to like shopping. I like looking at things in different stores and supermarkets. I like to check out what specials they have for the week.

Other people hate shopping. Any type of shopping. When they need something, they’ll just pop in and out as soon as they can find what they need. They don’t linger on, window shopping.

Most men are like that. They’re wired differently from women. They’re task oriented, they don’t like to have to choose between many products.

Now, I could turn this into a business or part-time income. “Hey Bob, I know you don’t like shopping. How about hiring me to be your personal shopper? Tell me what you like, show me samples of what you already like and own. I’ll go and get them for you.”

Christmas shopping or shopping for special occasions fit into this. You could help someone to get gifts for their family & friends. They don’t know what to choose. They feel scared to go to the Beauty or Lingerie section.

2. “Love Motivational Quotes” — You’re handy with a camera and you’re good with the computer.

You could design greeting cards, posters, calendars or fundraising materials for your favourite charity or school.

You could do all this while still employed at a job.

These are all extra activities which you could do as a hobby.

When you can make enough money from this, you could consider quitting your job.

3. “Health problem” turned into an opportunity.

You may have developed or be at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. You’ve spent hundreds of hours doing research into various ways to avoid or to minimise the risk. You love talking to other people about recipes or food to avoid. You talk to people who have it and “interview” them. Your own progress becomes your “Success” stories. “Before” and “After” stories. You may become an educator or write a book about it. It becomes your passion.


The idea is that you can do something that you LOVE every day. Even if it’s for a few minutes. You find yourself thinking about ideas for a new card on the train.

Like me, you’re snapping photos of interesting things that you see every day. I have thousands of photos on my phone. They are things that you enjoy.

Or you like talking to people.

Whereas other people feel exhausted. You’re a “People” person. That’s a gift in itself. Go and do those things that you love!

Thanks for reading, clapping, commenting and following me.

Ivonne Teoh

I write on #LinkedIn about #blockchain #AI #robots. The #futureofwork is a national & global emergency! Please check my #futureproof jobs series where I explore new mindsets, trends & new jobs/industries. Can we save our jobs? It won’t be easy and it’s best to start early.

Blockchain, Social Media, Mental Health Educator & Writer. Please check my series on LinkedIn about #AI #robotics #futureofwork #futureproof jobs.

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