President Trump banned Huawei & ZTE phones from government use in America

Was Arrest of Huawei CFO a Diversion of President Trump’s Possible Impeachment?

Why Holding Huawei Executive To Ransom Could Go Very Wrong for Trump. With Increasing Evidence to Support His Impeachment.

Huawei CFO’s Meng Wanzhou was detained by Canadian authorities at Vancouver airport while changing planes in transit from Hong Kong to Mexico on Saturday December 1, 2018. Canada did it at the request of the US who allege that Huawei had used a Hong Kong shell company to sell equipment to Iran which violated US sanctions.

The US also claim that Meng and Huawei misled American banks about their dealings in Iran. Those charges appear to be on shaky ground, more innuendo, than actual evidence.

News of her arrest shook world markets then and also on Monday, the day of her bail hearing. Fears rose that the US-China trade tension was about to rack up higher. It threatened the truce between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, made on the same day of the arrest.

It makes people less likely to trust you. “What else are you planning? What else have you got behind your back?” Trust between world leaders is fragile. It’s easily damaged or broken.

President Trump with his ex-Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson — “dumb as a rock”

President Trump has enough troubles at home

Robert Mueller’s investigations about Russia and ex-Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson talking last week about being fired by Trump. Trump retaliated by tweeting that Tillerson was ‘dumb like a rock’ and `lazy as hell.’

Rex Tillerson said that Trump didn’t like it when Tillerson told him that he would be breaking the law or violating US treaties. That was why he was fired.

President Trump continued his habit of using Twitter to fire his top diplomats like Rex Tillerson. Can someone please remind him that he’s no longer the host of a reality TV show? He’s the President of the United States.

Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels

Trump’s ex lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitted that he was told by Trump to pay off two women (Playboy model Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels, a porn star) to cover up affairs Trump had with them from his 2016 campaign.

It didn’t work as Stormy Daniels wrote a “tell-all” book about her time with Trump.

Are these “illegal campaign contributions” as federal prosecutors contend or a “simple private transaction”? Not when you’re running for President. This could be grounds for impeachment.

President Trump does not appear to know how to treat women with respect. This arrest of a Chinese high profile female executive is another example. So was it really espionage or a trade issue (US embargo of Iran) that made Trump unhappy?

Who came up with this idea to arrest Meng? Will Trump fire this person in a tweet too? Or was this arrest a “diversion” from his possible impeachment?

Is this wise American strategy or foreign policy? To spy on, arrest and to hold ransom another country’s citizen, a high level executive, on flimsy charges? Trump has been very critical of fake news directed at him but to spread `propaganda’ about China, one of America’s main trading partners, is not a good idea.

Meng’s lawyer applied for bail on her behalf, putting up a hefty $C15 million bail as it was claimed that she’s a high flight risk. That’s ridiculous.

“White House Down” — Paramilitary group attack

Some people have been watching too many spy movies. Like “White House Down” which incidentally involved a covert group from Korea.

She’s the daughter of Huawei’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, a billionaire in China. She’s not going to run like a common criminal. It would ruin her reputation and bring disgrace to her father and Huawei. Huawei’s 2018 Revenue goal is $102.2 Billion.

The US has to show proof beyond reasonable doubt to allow Canada to extradite her to the US. She’s not one of the illegal aliens who climbed over the wall or part of the Mexican caravan. She’s a business executive.

Why did the US target Meng, a top level Huawei executive instead of say, Jack Ma of Alibaba? Plus to pick a female to hold to ransom? Trump hasn’t got a good record with females.

China made a strong protest to the Canadian government about her arrest and requested that Meng be released immediately. Or Canada could face serious consequences. It’s a big diplomatic problem for Canada.

Fortunately, Justice William Ehrcke granted Meng bail on Tuesday after the second hearing in court.

US “Intervention” Foreign Policy Has Failed

Former US Congressman & Dr. Ron Paul stated that this was a poor decision by the US and President Trump. It threatened the truce between the two countries.

Huawei is the world’s #2 largest telecommunications company. Samsung is #1 and Apple #3. Why hasn’t the US gone after Samsung? Is it because South Korea is one of America’s military allies?

Ron Paul claimed that the US’s foreign policy of “intervention” in other countries’ affairs is causing more problems and creating enemies when it should be building stronger relationships. Especially with its trading partners.

This intervention policy has been around for decades and President Trump has continued it.

President Trump asked President Xi to stop “Made in China 2025” which is quite extraordinary. If Trump is allowed to “Make America Great Again” how is it that he can interfere with China’s internal policy? Again, it’s a sign of American “intervention” policy.

Huawei: Alleged Spy to the Chinese Government?

The US asked its allies, called the “Five Eyes” alliance (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand) to ban the use of Huawei network equipment for a 5G nework, claiming spying & security concerns. Note that not all countries have problems with Huawei phones. Only the USA.

Huawei has been accused of spying on other countries on behalf of the Chinese government. Citing Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei, a former engineer in China’s People’s Liberation Army. Huawei has denied this.

How can Huawei be a global telecommunications leader and supplier, plus spy? It doesn’t make any sense. Huawei would be better off, not spying, to become accepted worldwide. The cost to spy on a few US government or military personnel using Huawei is too high. Huawei’s founder must have thought of that. It would undo all his hard work.

Lu, the Foreign Ministry spokesman accused “unnamed” countries of hyping the so-called threat. Don’t be afraid of Huawei and ZTE.

The Real Reason USA is Banning Chinese Phones…

Watch 8 minutes into the above video, the real reason why the NSA doesn’t want Huawei or ZTE phones in the US is because they cannot easily get backdoor access to find out what’s happening. NSA can ask Apple for access. But Huawei? Probably not.

China’s advancement in technology especially in the areas of AI, robotics and telecommunications, has embarrassed the US, once widely respected as a world leader and superpower.

President Trump should worry more about being impeached.

The US have got things wrong before

Iran — there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. UN inspectors found no evidence. Also President Trump refused to acknowledge the Iran deal made by ex-President Obama. So you can’t really have it both ways.

And then there’s climate change. President Trump backed out of the Paris treaty.

This kind of foreign policy would more likely give Iran an incentive to create nuclear weapons, rather than to discourage it. Whether they have or not, is still to be seen.

Canada is now caught in the middle of the “wars” between the US and China. One of their former diplomats have gone missing in China. Suspicions of being detained.

Will Canada come to their senses and let Meng go?

What is your opinion?

Thanks for reading, clapping, commenting and following me.

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